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Pros and Cons of Sheesham Wood Furniture

Whether you want to region a wooden mattress when renovating your bed room, or buy carved wood doors for the duration of the finishing stages of production, selecting the proper timber is so essential. There are diverse kinds of wood to be had in the Pakistani marketplace. If modern home office furniture collections you like carved wooden, then purchase sheesham wooden furnishings without blinking a watch. The malleable nature of Sheesham wooden makes it best for complex carvings. However, on the turn aspect, its vulnerability to water and pest damage may be a piece tough, specifically if you are not aware about the upkeep recommendations. We have put together some professionals and cons of sheesham timber fixtures in conjunction with some short tips to keep its herbal shine.

Let’s begin.

Solid sheesham timber furniture in Pakistan is popular because of its versatility in design, aesthetic attraction and pocket-pleasant expenses. Sheesham additionally called Indian Rosewood, is a tree native to India and Iran. It has leathery leaves and may be visible in abundance on roadsides in India, mainly in southern cities like Bangalore. Some of the pros of sheesham timber fixtures are as follows:

Versatility in layout
Pocket-friendly costs
Decorative carving
Aesthetic enchantment
Let us discuss these in extra detail.

Dark timber grain streaks make sheesham wood stunning
Golden hues with reddish brown color of the sheesham is aesthetically attractive
While sheesham is technically categorised as hardwood, maximum woodworkers claim that it’s far pliable. The malleable and flexible nature of sheesham timber makes it easy to work with, which makes it extremely versatile. It may be effortlessly bent and shaped into diverse domestic décor furnishings such as mattress frames, door frames, couch set, table, chairs eating set, espresso table, cabinet and chester and many others.

The grain of the wood is darkish, dense and straight. It mixes with golden hues making any fixtures layout appealing and one of a kind. You can even carve intricate designs in sheesham timber. Since carved fixtures in Pakistan in the main comes from Chiniot and the local dealers seek advice from it as Chinioti furnishings, you will find that maximum of the carved variety is made from sheesham wood. The recognition of Chinioti fixtures in Pakistan can not be ignored. From complex designs on the centre table to satisfactory carvings at the eating chairs, sheesham wooden is a super option for furniture in Pakistan.

Seasoned sheesham timber has the capability to face up to water and is consequently used in boat making. Moreover, its correct acoustic nice renders it useful in the making of musical and percussion contraptions.

The first-rate gain of purchasing sheesham wood fixtures is its lavish look and low prices. You can buy a stylish sofa set for the drawing room product of sheesham wood at a enormously low value than different hardwood materials. Cheaper than its closest comparable – teak – sheesham is arguably considered a lovely alternative for furnishings with its dark veins presenting a comparison with mild brown and golden colorations.

decorative carving for sheesham wood furnishings
Decorative carving of sheesham timber furnishings
As mentioned above, sheesham wood may be carved into numerous objects. The most elaborate designs and carvings can be made on sheesham wooden. If well pro, you don’t should fear about timber cracking or splintering. Because of its durability, versatility and affordability you may without problems décor a bedroom or drawing room with fashionable and intricately carved sheesham wood furnishings, permitting the carved style to maintain throughout your private home.


To ensure sheesham timber’s durability and sturdiness, it passes through a series of procedures that makes it strong and much less at risk of cracks and splinters. It is dry kilned or dried within the sun for six months earlier than it’s far suitable for making furniture. Once the timber is dried and transformed into lumber, the forums tend to be resilient and have a outstanding deal of flexibility. This additionally hardens the wood and makes it appropriate for fixtures pieces that last for long.

These are the largest negative aspects of buying sheesham wooden furnishings for your own home:

Vulnerability to water and pest harm
Finding unique sheesham wood is hard
Let us speak those negative aspects in element:

Sheesham wooden is likewise susceptible to rot and pest harm. If it isn’t always processed well, it could retain some of the moisture. This makes an excellent floor for termite infestation. That is why sheesham wood furnishings is not considered a top choice for outdoor furnishings, not like teak wood.

Choosing properly sourced sheesham wooden may be a bit intricate. Only specialists and specialists can tell whether or not the wood is original sheesham or not. Common humans and customers may be without difficulty tricked in buying bad excellent furniture.

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